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ic! berlin glasses flagship store voucher

Our history

We don't just carry Berlin in our name, we have the city rooted in our DNA Because the story of ic! berlin is the story of Berlin.
But it is not a story about our heritage or our origins. (Berlin is really not about those things.)
Because anyone can come to Berlin and belong.
It's a story about the attitude of the people who live in Berlin.
It's about the fact that no one here decides for you who you are - except yourself.
This freedom to be who you want to be, who you could be, to say what you think and to express your true and inner self is reflected in every ic! berlin eyepiece:
Handmade eyewear that doesn't follow a trend, but is created through expression and attitude. We don't subordinate ourselves to any style - we highlight your style.

The B-Card - A Gift Voucher for Berlin - can be redeemed flexibly at thousands of participating favourite places.

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Opening hours:
Mo 11:00 : 19:00
Tue 11:00 : 19:00
Wed 11:00 : 19:00
Thu 11:00 : 19:00
Fri 11:00 : 19:00
Sat 11:00 : 19:00
So closed
+49 30 220 666 055
Münzstr. 5
10178 Berlin
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The B-Card Das-B-Card - More than just a voucher card