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Hooray! You are a happy owner of a B-card.

    What's nextfor the Regional Hero app?


    1. Download the "Regional Hero" app on your smartphone
    2. Deposit your B-CARD in the app
    3. Treat yourself to something from your favorite place and pay conveniently via app
    B-Card App in Google Play Store
    The B-Card app in the apple app store

    What happens next without the app?


    1. Browse through Berlin's favorite places on our website
    2. Go to the favorite place and choose something beautiful
    3. Show your B-CARD to pay with it



    The B-CARD can also be used to shop online via the Regional Hero app. For example at egora - the local marketplace with unique Berlin stores or at TwoTickets - the city explorer club.


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      How do I find my favorite places?


      1. You can find an overview of all our favorite places here: Participating favourite places
      2. There you will also see where to redeem the B-CARD redeem or buy and even favorite places that offer out-of-house offer offer
      3. Now find your perfect favorite place by filtering by zip code, neighborhood, street or industry


      1. Discover our wide range of favorite places on the Google Maps overview. Narrow down your search by neighborhood or street by zooming in on the map to the desired locations
      2. Find your perfect favorite place using the search function by searching there by industry or name
      3. Find out the address, opening hours and the offer of your favorite place when you click on it in the app

      How do I use the B-Card in online shops or for out-of-home offers?

      Online shops

      1. Order easily in the online store of your favorite place. If the store indicates prepayment or B-Card as a means of payment, you can pay with the B-CARD.
      2. Click Pay in the B-CARD app
      3. Scan the QR code of your favorite place with the app. You can find the individual QR code on our website or on the store page.
      4. Type your order number in the comment field and click pay. Done!
      5. Your favorite place will receive a real-time payment confirmation SMS

      Out-of-home offers

      1. Order your favorite food, drinks or other out-of-home out-of-home offers directly from your favorite places
      2. Click Pay in the B-Card app
      3. Scan the QR code of your favorite place with the app. You can find the individual QR code either on our website, in the window of your favorite place or on the B-CARD display on the counter of your favorite place.
      4. Type your order in the comment field and click Pay. Done!
      5. Your favorite place will receive an SMS in real time as a confirmation of receipt of payment

      More FAQs

      Where can I check the balance of my B-Card?

      You can either download the free B-CARD app for Android or Apple. If you register your B-CARD in the app using the QR code, the pin with your name and email address, you will automatically see your credit. Alternatively you can find the button CREDIT QUERY button in the footer of our website, which you can use to check your balance at any time.

      Is the card rechargeable?

      The card can be reloaded indefinitely with any desired amount in participating stores or via our online shop. 

      Your employer can also pay a monthly tax-free benefit in kind to your card.

      Where can I find the pin for my B-Card?

      On the physical card you will find the three-digit pin under the twelve-digit card number.
      On the PDF voucher you will find the three-digit pin on the right side under the last paragraph in gray letters.

      The B-Card has 4.9 out of 5 stars | 836 ratings
      The B-Card Das-B-Card - More than just a voucher card