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 How does the B-CARD work?

The B-CARD can be compared to a reloadable prepaid card. After being loaded with a desired amount, the card can be used as a regular means of payment and redeemed in cent-precise instalments at all participating favourite locations.

Where can I buy the B-CARD?

  1. The card can be purchased either in PDF format or as a physical card from our online shop:
  2. The card can be purchased and recharged at all participating sales outlets. 

Where can I redeem the B-CARD?

The B-CARD can be redeemed in all participating shops. The amount on the card does not have to be spent all at once in one shop, but is debited to the cent and can be redeemed in as many shops as you like.

Which shops accept/sell the B-Card?

The B-CARD network is a colourful mix of owner-managed, local businesses - always 100% Berlin! You can find the participating favourite places here:


What if one of the registered favourite places refuses acceptance?

We guarantee 100% redemption at our favourite venues. In rare cases, however, it may happen that the direct acceptance of the B-CARD by a favourite location is refused. Alternatively, the credit can be submitted indirectly via the Regional Hero Discovery App by submitting the receipt and an IBAN. The receipt amount will then be credited within a few days up to the amount of the existing credit.


What are the advantages of the B-Card?

The B-CARD is a local gift alternative to the vouchers of the large retail chains and online giants in Berlin. The good thing about it is that once credit has been paid into the voucher network, it can only be spent locally and benefits local businesses. So you mBy purchasing the B-Card, you ensure that purchasing power stays in our beautiful Berlin and help all the small shops, restaurants and businesses.

Who is the B-CARD for?

Basically, the B-CARD is for everyone in Berlin, for old and young, for straight and queer, for all those who have been here for a long time or those who want to become one.

It is also very suitable for:

  1. Children who can use the card like a prepaid card to learn how to handle money in a playful way. 
  2. Companies that can use the card as a monthly tax-free non-cash benefit to make their employees happy in a very individual way.

What are the costs for me?

There are no additional costs for you.

Is the card rechargeable?

The card can be reloaded indefinitely with any desired amount in participating stores or via our online shop.

When does the B-CARD expire?

The card is valid for three years after each top-up.

Where can I find the pin for my B-CARD?

On the physical card you will find the three-digit pin under the twelve-digit card number.

On the PDF voucher you will find the three digit pin on the right hand side below the last paragraph in grey letters .

Where can I check the balance of my B-CARD?

You can either download the free Regional Hero Discovery app for Android or Apple. If you register your B-CARD in the app using the QR code, the pin and your name and email, you will automatically see your credit balance. Alternatively, you can check your credit balance by clicking on the button "GUTHABENABFRAGE" in the footer of our website.

How does the B-Card work?

The B-Card can be purchased online at or at the numerous points of sale. It can be given as a gift but can of course also be used for yourself. The B-Cards are reloadable, which means that the card can be reused.

The B-Card can then be used as a regular means of payment and can be redeemed in cent amounts. The good thing is that credit once deposited into the voucher network can only be spent locally and benefits local entrepreneurs.


Why is that important?

In this day and age of rapidly growing online trade, all products are just a click away. Local traders in particular are feeling the effects of this. In some cases, potential customers even obtain information from local retailers and then order online.

It is often forgotten that local shops are not only places to shop, but also part of the atmosphere of a city and have an influence on how liveable and attractive a city is. Not without reason they are our favourite places!

That's why we want to use the B-Card to help strengthen the stationary retail trade and all other local tradespeople.


What do the participating favorite places get out of it?

The advantage, which is obvious, is the additionally bound purchasing power. In return, the participating acceptance points do not have to pay any participation fees or fixed costs and do not have to give any other discounts. Only when a voucher is redeemed, we receive a very small fee on the redeemed amount to be able to operate the B-Card. So the merchants, restaurateurs and service providers have no financial risk at all.

In addition, we present the points of acceptance on our websites. This way we advertise for you, as we also actively promote the B-Card via social media, search engines and other measures. In this way, a lot of attention is generated, which benefits the voucher, but also the participating acceptance points.

The B-Card cash register

In order to redeem the B-Card, you will have received an email from us with your access data for our Regional Hero Hub from after registration. In the Hero HUB, you can enter your company data on one side and then create your store, restaurant, etc. under Branch. 

Here is a video of how the Hero HUB works: Video-Instruction-Hero-HUB

Once you've created your store, we'll activate your coupon checkout and you're good to go! Here are the instructions for the hub

Why should I attend?

With the B-Card, we would like to offer a local gift alternative in Berlin to the vouchers of the large retail chains and online giants. However, Berliners will only give away this gift card if the redemption network can keep up with the aforementioned vouchers in terms of diversity and attractiveness. Therefore, it is important that as many and as diverse as possible tradespeople throughout the city join.


What do I get out of it as an entrepreneur?

More turnover

Credit once deposited on a B-Card can no longer flow out of the network. This money can only be spent in the circle of participating acceptance points. This means more local sales without having to grant any discounts or the like.

Another important goal of this initiative is to raise awareness among Berliners to buy more locally again.

EEasy handling

To accept the B-Card, all you need is a standard smartphone or tablet, or you can use a laptop, PC or PC cash register - whichever is easiest for you. No additional devices are required and you can start accepting B-Card immediately.

Super fair - no risk

Participation is free of charge for you. There is neither an admission fee, nor other ongoing or fixed costs. Only if you redeem the B-Card, a small fee is due, which we retain for the operation of the B-Card. The amount of the fee can be found in the partner agreement.

So you participate in a marketing concept that only costs something when you have already made the sales. Your risk is thus close to zero.

Become part of the B-Card network in just one minute

You can easily sign up at: and we will send you all the information and your login link.

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