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The B-CARD as a donation voucher for non-profit organizations from Berlin
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Here you can find charitable organizations where the B-CARD credit can be donated. This way the B-CARD becomes a donation voucher for Berlin.

querstadtein e.V.

querstadtein organizes city tours that invite you to change your perspective: People who were once homeless show the neighborhood where they used to sleep on the streets. In turn, city guides from countries such as Syria, Iraq and Kenya talk about their...

Project ELPIDA e.V.

Projekt ELPIDA e.V. is a non-profit association with the aim of supporting NGOs. Since our foundation in November 2021, Projekt ELPIDA has been collecting donations to buy products that its partner organizations need for their daily work. Thereby it is...

FamilienMut e.V.

FamilienMut is your information platform for help from families for families in times of crisis, war and disaster. Together with us, you can take courageous action, find solutions for families in need and live modern voluntary work. We are many.

Pfeffersport e.V.

Pfeffersport e.V., with around 4,500 members, is primarily a children's and youth sports club that operates in the field between sports, education and social work. With its diversity approach, the association educates its members in its sports groups, events and...


Since 2015, wirBERLIN has been calling on Berlin children to share their thoughts on the future of our city and our environment with an annual poster competition. In the last years of the competition, more than 6,200 posters have been created, sometimes colorful, sometimes...

Foundation ExtraOrdinary Berlin

Stiftung AusserGewöhnlich Berlin is a non-profit organization and one of the most influential civil society networks in Berlin (with about 250 members).The foundation disseminates knowledge about SDG17: culture of cooperation, partnerships and...

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The B-Card Das-B-Card - More than just a voucher card