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Voucher card casual petrol


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The B-CARD, the voucher for Berlin favorite places, in casual petrol as a voucher card in chic gift packaging!

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Recommended charge: 30,00

Maximum charge: 150,00

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The B-Card is a voucher card for all participating neighborhood shops, favorite cinemas, favorite pubs, best restaurants, design forges and and and - a credit for all your favorite places and a declaration of love to our city! With your purchase you support these favorite places and help to preserve your Berlin as you know it. The voucher is valid at all businesses you find in the app or here: Registered favorite places

This chic B-Card in the color casual petrol is printed environmentally friendly on paper and of course produced in Berlin. In addition, the B-Card is like a prepaid card always reloadable and thus also follows sustainable aspects in use.

Our gift cards expire three years after they are ordered, starting from the end of the year in which the gift card was purchased.

The voucher card will be sent to you by post in a smart gift folder. The €2.49 covers the one-off production costs for the card. Now you can give it to your loved ones, friends and colleagues or explore the city yourself. Have fun!


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The B-Card Das-B-Card - More than just a voucher card