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Welcome to UrbanBoarding - Electro Mobility, Longboards, Snowboard, Scooter
 Urban Boarding is the longboard, snowboard and stunt scooter shop in Berlin - because the future lies in urban movement. As the oldest longboard shop we can fall back on extensive and profound experience in all areas of longboarding and skateboarding. With us you can not only find a board for you but also everything that belongs to a longboard, stuntscooter or snowboard. Through a careful selection of all manufacturers and producers, the global market, we can advise each of our customers very personally and thoroughly to find the right longboard or stunt scooter. All popular longboard brands that meet our standard of quality, we carry for many years in our longboard store in Berlin. We provide for each customer the right longboard or skateboard together of the brands: Arbor, Never Summer, Long Island, Landyachtz, Sector9, Moonshine, Rocket, DB Longboards, Z-Flex, Fullbag, Kaliber Skateboards, Restless, Madrid, Loaded, Bustin, Carver,Slide, Yow, Penny, Globe, Lush, Rayne, Earthwing, Elixir, Pumpkin, Fibretec, as well as handmade German products from Hackbrett, Olson&Hekmati, Bareknuckle, Kaliber,Pogo, Wefunk, BastBoards and BuddyBuddy. Longboard and skateboard axles from Paris, Caliber, Bolt, Sabre, Seismic, Ronin, Arsenal, Viking, Carver, Randal, Holey, Yow, Bear, Independent, Tracker, Benett, Part, Gullwing, Sidewinder, Original,Crail. As Rollwerk our longboard and skateboard wheels from ABEC11, Hawgs, BloodOrange, Cult, Ladera, Orangatang, Bennett, Bones, Viking, Rayne, 3dm, Seismic, NeverSummer, Orangatang, Earthwing, Metro, Sunset, Moonshine, Remenber, O&H, Carver, Arbor, Sector9, Rad, these with ball bearings of grades from Abec 5, Abec7, Abec9 over Hybrid to Ceramic, from all leading manufacturers like Bones, Sunrice, bear, Sector9, amphetamine, Bullseye....

For all friends of electric locomotion with an Eboard, we carry various electric boards and drives such as mellow or Koowheel.
The program of stunt scooters ranges from the complete scooter to the brake (brake) to Tbar (handlebar), headset, clamp, grips, to Griptape and of course wheels or scooter wheels. Mainly we offer the German brand Chilli Stuntscooter, as well as MGP.
Protectors like helmet, elbow, knee protectors and slide gloves for the hands as well as back protectors we carry from bern, amplifi, sector9, TSG, BloodOrange, Long Island, Madrid and Triple eight.
Our hardware is rounded off by equally high-quality clothing from Vissla, Shisha, Sector9, picture, Westbeach, alprausch, Hurley, Horsefeathe. A large assortment of belts, wallets, basecaps and a colorful sock wall will also equip you.
All our products can be stowed in selected bags and backpacks. We also carry the matching ones from Nitro, amplifi, Horsefeather, Kimura, Vissla and Sector9.
Vouchers for longboards, skateboards, courses, stuntscooters and snowboards as well as tools, various tools and safety devices, a fridge with cold drinks and always a few nice people from beginner to pro are to meet at our shop.

Just drop by to immerse yourself in the world of boardsports and urban mobility.

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