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Smilegarden natural based dental cosmetics voucher

White & strong teeth without pain through
nature-based dental cosmetics

Smilegarden - Your dental cosmetics studio in the middle of Berlin
*nature based teeth cleaning and care
*teeth whitening painless and without side effects
*anti-pain cure for hypersensitive teeth
*jaw massage

We understand how important a bright
smile is to you, but we also know how
stressful it can be when your teeth
are sensitive to heat, cold or touch

That is why we specialize especially in hypersensitive teeth.

Our whitening treatment & anti-pain cure are specifically designed to strengthen and regenerate enamel,
to protect and care for your teeth.

The B-Card - A Gift Voucher for Berlin - can be redeemed flexibly at thousands of participating favourite places.

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The B-Card Das-B-Card - More than just a voucher card