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10243 Berlin

MASSAGE DREAM TIME ~ relax your body voucher


For people who work at the PC every day, I recommend the manual acupressure massage on the massage chair without having to undress.

With a holistic treatment technique, the energy flow is reactivated in order to direct body energies into beneficial channels.

Through targeted stroking, rubbing and kneading, body, mind and soul relax and recharge new energies and strength for the well-being of the I.
In the process, the tensions that have caused the body to become restless are released.
My style of massage is influenced by elements from classical massage, sports massage, foot- hand reflexology, facial massage, Lomi-Lomi, acupressure, Shiatsu, HotStone or Turkish brush massage.
Through my massage ritual the different elements are connected harmoniously, similar to the choreography of a dance, and give the body, the mind and the soul security in this moment to be able to let go.
I receive in the salon with a private ambience and personally pick everyone up at the front door.
A selection of high-quality massage oils and discreet background music (of your choice) are offered.
I look forward to your request to be able to put a smile on your soul at the end of the massage.

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