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Am Falkplatz 5
10437 Berlin

The Bird Gutschein

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The Bird is a laid back bar & restaurant with a staff of humans who really and truly give a damn about you having a good time. If something with your food, drink or service is not just right, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make it so. Our regulars know this, so if you’re new here give us a chance.
But if you’re a fun-sucker: uptight, unhappy or demanding, maybe try somewhere else that’s a little more geared to your sort. It took years, but we seem to have finally weeded out most of these fun-sucking folks; you know, those that can’t even have a good time on vacation? In their place we have managed to attract a crowd of solid, loyal patrons.

While you are here just cut loose, get raucous, tell that joke you’re not sure is appropriate, stay late and have that one drink too many and we’ll even call you a Taxi home. 

Do it, especially if you are only passing through, because you happen to be sitting in the one place in Berlin where just about anything goes.

Die B-Card – Ein Geschenkgutschein für Berlin – kann flexibel bei tausenden teilnehmenden Lieblingsorten eingelöst werden.

Das-B-Card hat 4.9 von 5 Sternen | 836 Bewertungen
Das-B-Card Das-B-Card - Mehr als eine Gutscheinkarte