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10179 Berlin

Hanna Nordqvist Body-oriented Coaching, Bodywork, Embodied Writing Gutschein

In my praxis space in Berlin-Mitte I offer a safe space and a range of embodied approaches as encouragement to bring new perspectives and clarity to whatever topics you bring.
Both the individual sessions and my workshop- and training-formats are intended as spaces to explore new perspectives, digest challenging experiences, to seek the words for what needs to be brought into expression, and to find the clarity and courage needed for the next steps – in your relationships, in your professional development, in your art, or in whatever part of your life that you want to bring attention to.
During a one-on-one session I touch, ask questions, observe, and describe what I perceive. The intention of each session is to wake up and activate, to reassure and ground, to bring clarity, and to remind you over the body of your innate strength and your own unique way to move and act, to resist and create change. 

You are welcome to bring any topic from your life to a session:
  • You have experienced a painful loss or separation
  • You are faced with a challenging decision in your private or professional life
  • You are struggling with a chronic pain or tension
  • You have a project where for some reason you don’t manage to make the progress you desire
  • You are feeling blocked in your creativity or ability to think freely
  • You are experiencing difficulties in expressing yourself
  • You are feeling exhausted or restless
  • You are feeling numb or disconnected from yourself or the people around you.
  • Or you are simply longing for a moment to relax, digest or let go
You don’t even need to have a conscious or well-formulated reason to come for a session. Maybe you are simply curious to try it out, have a sudden urge for change or feel that there must be other ways to relate to and experience life.
A one-on-one-session costs between 60 and 80 Euros depending if they are paid for separately or as part of a package (i.e. first three sessions for 180 Euros, five-session-package for 350 Euros).

You are warmly welcome to contact me if you have any questions.
Or simply book a first session, if you are curious to try it out. Online-Booking:

You can contact me in German, English, Swedish or Italian.  

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