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About us

The story
In 2003 we, Antje and Heiko, developed a bag that can quickly change function and appearance - the swap bag. As studied landscape planners, we were inspired by multifunctional objects in architecture. Just as a bench is not only a seat, but also a ramp for skating or an outdoor classroom, the lids of the tausche Tasche can be changed at whim. They can lead the way, warm the hands, or be a playing field. The tausche bag can be converted from a work bag to a leisure bag in a flash with functional inserts.

The product

High performer, accomplice and quick-change artist - that's the swap bag. With the zipper you attach your favorite lid to the body of the bag and release it just as quickly to attach the next favorite lid. About 600 different lids make your choice not easy. We are constantly developing new ones for those that are sold out. With the lid bonus system you can collect points and choose free lids. The black and orange tarp inserts protect, organize or reinforce. Finally, we have many accessories to make your life easy.

The production

Alle tausche Produkte werden in Deutschland hergestellt. Die Täschnerinnen fertigen in Thüringen mit handwerklichem Geschick jedes Produkt vom Anfang bis zum Ende. Alle Materialien, wie Stoffe, Planen, Schnallen, Reiß- und Klettverschlüsse kaufen wir in Deutschland ein. Wir verwenden neue Materialien, um eine hohe Qualität unserer Produkte zu sichern.

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